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Watching their wives speak.

Romney’s kids look they are too scared to do anything.

ROMNEY’S KIDS -They look unloved. 

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I need you to understand…


… that my Black President and his Black wife got on international television and told the world that they are pro-choice, pro-LGBTQ equality, pro-immigration rights, pro-environment and the fact that this is my reality made me cry. I don’t know what November brings but no one can take this feeling of pride away.


Azealia Banks - 1991

This is just … Perfection! Clearly inspired by Crystal Waters

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"Songs Black Girls Sing" (Comedy) 

LMAO ! this is me, daily !

Yessss! In the bathroom with the headphones on though! That’s me LOL


Due to an overwhelming request to post our “Queers In The Media” Episode we have decided to postpone posting  ”Church vs. State: A Look at Family and Religion” until September!

In this episode the cast talks about visible queer folks of color in the media, if they feel accurately portrayed in the media and what they’d like to see more of in the media “when it comes to the queers”.

Oh and did we mention that we had a little help from our friends? Featuring: Seattle based duo - THEESatisfaction, Toronto bred singer/songwriter  and member of 88 days of Fortune - Ayo Leilani, Singer, songwriter and actress - Siaira Shawn, Lead singer, songwriter producer and member of The Internet and Odd Future - Syd Tha Kyd, lastly, Filmmaker and performing artist - Alexa Hall.


B.o.B - Out Of My Mind feat. Nicki Minaj


Lupe Fiasco - Bitch Bad (Official Video)


Kendrick Lamar - Westside, Right On Time ft. Young Jeezy (Prod. by Canei Finch) 

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DJ Khaled - They Ready (Feat. J. Cole, Big KRIT & Kendrick Lamar) 


THEESatisfaction - Sista Ya Been On My Mind & Enchantress (Live at Pickathon) (by kexpradio)

Incredibly dope a capella..

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Angel Haze – New York