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Skye Townsend | NoReg

Man this is why I love this girl her talent is unreal. This song is amazing, I’m glad she even follows me.

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This ^^^^ is the truth

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“AK-47” by Skye Townsend 

OMG this is everything right now, words cannot even express how much I love this. Skye baby you are so talented and just asdfghjkl grrr it’s amazing. The lyrical and visual content is just »> 


Pharrell Williams and StereoTypes host Ryan Hall speak to men and women on the street about what a woman’s role is in today’s society and in politics. One woman goes toe-to-toe with Pharrell.


Jennifer Lewis and Shangela in “Going Viral”

I love me some Jennifer Lewis. This promo for her new web-series has me dying


Color Outside the Lines: Black Women and Tattoo Culture

 B. Girard and Brittany Slam discuss misconceptions about women who have multiple tattoos, the decision to get hand/neck/face tattoos, men, and questions that people always ask. 

Deleted Scene from the documentary


these teachers have been on tumblr

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